Education through professional educators are the cornerstones for building a vibrant, sound and technology driven society through teaching and learning.

We at international Association for Economics Educators bring together exceptional minds in the field of Economics Education and researchers to improve the field of study.

Our foremost aims are to act as a corporate platform to facilitate co-operation among the professional educators in the field of Economics Education, as well as researchers with similar interest to nurture and sustain the field of study for national and international development.


IAFEE seeks to enhance Economics Education and your career as an economic educator by:

  1. Providing professional development programs by hosting annual conferences which are held both locally and internationally.
  2. Annual publication of research articles in conformation with the philosophy, aims and objectives of the association in the field of study for scholarly contributions and overall improvement of the area of study.
  3. IAFEE publishes both Journal of Economics Education Research (JEER) and Journal of Economics and Environmental Education (JEEE) scholarly peer-reviewed research journals enabling low cost publication solutions while projecting an image of quality research.
  4. Publicly recognizing the achievements of individual members of our network through annual IAFEE awards for leadership, service, research and international contributions.
  5. Interpersonal and professional improvement of members through training and workshops.
  6. Providing consultation services to our members informally through interactions and contributions.
  7. Annual meetings of members for overall assessment and achievements in view of the way forward.
  8. Improving the curriculum of Economics Education to meet up with global best practices.
  9. Improving communication and understanding of Economic Education.


To advance the teaching of Economics Education through professionally trained Economics educators and advocate on an international level the standard for Economics Education curriculum

To provide a forum for communication, sharing best practices and research, and exchanging ideas among those involved in teaching and learning Economics Education.

To promote high-quality, activity-based pedagogy for teaching Economics while encouraging student-centered methods and curriculum.