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The paper examined the effects of reflection method on the Economics students’ achievement in senior secondary schools. This study was conducted with 76nparticipants, 41 Economics students in control and 35 in experimental groups in from the selected public secondary school in Udenu Local government, during 2016-2017 academic years. The research design used to carry out the study is quasi-experimental. An achievement test titled “Basic Economics Achievement Test” was used for data collection. A pre-test was conducted before the commencement of the programme. In the Control group class, students were taught using the conventional method while in an experimental group, students were taught using the reflection method. The experiment lasted for four weeks period. Research questions were answered using mean and standard deviation while hypotheses were tested using at 0.05 level of significance. The findings of the study show that Economics students taught using reflection method achieved better compared to their counterpart taught using conventional. There was no difference in Male and female mean achievement scores in market structure related concepts in Economics. The researchers recommended that Economics teachers should use reflection instructional method in implementing topics students find difficult and Teachers should shift from the conventional method which is teacher-centred to innovative student-centred like reflection method which allows students to share their experiences, assess self and others and actively participate in classroom discussion.

Onuoha, J. C.; Amedu, A. N.; Sadiq A. A. & Anyaehie, S. L.

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