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This study was carried out to examine the capacity building needs of Economics teachers for effective instructional delivery in Economics. The study adopted descriptive survey design, the population of this study was 137 Economics teachers which comprised of 61 male and 76 female Economics teachers.The study was guided by three research questions and three hypotheses tested at 0.05 level of significance. The instrument for data collection was questionnaire titled “Capacity Building Questionnaire for Economics Teacher Effective Instructional Delivery in Economics” CBQETEIDE. The instrument was face validated by three experts with a reliability of 0.77. The research questions were answered mean and Improvement Need Index (INI) for research questions and hypotheses tested using the t-test statistic. The result revealed that Economics teachers required capacity building on the following information and communication technology skills for instructional delivery in Economics; computer appreciation, internet and computer graphic. Therefore, the need on the use of appropriate teaching strategies for instructional delivery, provision of refresher course; organization of workshop and seminar among others to equip teachers to successful implement Economics curriculum content and attaineffective instructional delivery in Economics.

Oleabhiele E. O. & Omoroguiwa R. (2021)

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