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This study employed ex-post facto research design with the aim of finding out determinants of students’ interest and retention in Economics. The target population of this study was forty-two (42) Economics teachers. The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire with “Yes or No” response options. The data collected for this
study was analyzed using frequency and percentage (%). From the findings, the following determinants was evident; learners’ learning environment, motivation, teachers’ mastery of the subject content, learners-centered teaching approach, application of ICT in teaching, cooperative learning techniques, teaching from simple
to complex, maintaining effective teacher-students relationship, relating examples to the everyday lives of your students, invitation of resource persons at times to come to class to talk and teach them about a topic,excursion techniques and many others. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that non-trained economics
teachers should not be permitted to teach Economics in senior secondary schools and government or ministry of education should also put into consideration professionalization of teacher in the recruitment process of teachers

Emmanuel, I.V.; Iorliam E.; Rupee S. & Ikwoche, F. I. (2021)

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