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This study investigatedSecondary School Economics students’ experiences in learning Economics through social media in this Covid-19 era. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which started in late 2019 is a very big constraint to many sectors of the economy, especially the education sector and has affected every aspect of people’s lives. Schools in Nigeria and other parts of the world shut down due to this pandemic which has made some schools engage in e-learning through social media sites. This study is a descriptive research design and purposive sampling was used to sample 83 Economics students from SS 1 and SS 11 Economics students in Enugu metropolis, Nigeria from the total population of 4,256 who are opportune to engage in e-learning. A structured questionnairenamed Learning Economics using social media network which was designed by the researchers was used to collect data for the study. Descriptive statistics of mean andstandard deviation was used to analyse the data collected. The findings of this study revealed that Economics students are more comfortable with elearning but find it difficult in learning quantitative Economics topics with social media network. This according to them is due to inadequate feedback from the teachers. The findings also revealed that challenges with learning through this social media are insufficient mobile data due to lack of fund and epileptic power supply among others. It was recommendedamong others that the government should improve the state of power supply in Nigeria to enable students to learn effectively since Covid-19 has increased the rate at which people use technological devices for a better living.Also, that feedback should be provided at all stage of learning through social mediums to allow for more understanding of not only the theoretical economics contents but also the quantitative contents.

Jovita C. E.; Eneogu N. D. & Ihechi G. E. (2021)

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