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The main purpose of this study was to ascertain the strategies for boosting staff morale and management of economic resources for global competitiveness in Nigerian economy. The sample comprised 40 respondents which include 32 academic staff and 8 administrative staff of four tertiary education institutions in plateau state. This study adopted a descriptive survey research design involving a quantitative approach where a survey method was utilized to collect the relevant data from the respondents. A 14- item questionnaire developed by the researchers were used for data collection. The questionnaire has a 4-point scale of Strongly Agreed, Agreed, Disagreed and Strongly Disagreed. It was validated by three experts: one from educational measurement and evaluation and two from Economics education to determine the internal consistency of the instrument, Cronbach’s alpha reliability was used which yielded 0.87. Mean was used to answer the two research questions that were raised in the study. Any item with mean value of 2.50 and above were considered as an agreed while those less were considered as disagreed mean responses. The results revealed among others that there was high need for boosting of staff morale, staff empowerment, team building and
management of economic resources for global competitiveness. It was recommended among others that effort should be made by government and managers of public sectors to continue boosting staff moral by providing conducive environment for exchange of ideas across the globe while proper management of economic resources should be a priority.

Mangkut, Z.; Abdulmutalib, M. B. and Bakshak, Y. S. (2023)

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