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This study investigated Economics Students’ Perception of the Influence of Social Development Strategies on Academic Performance for global competiveness in Secondary Schools of Bomadi Local Government Area, Delta state, Nigeria. The study was designed to find out effective social development strategies on academic performance of students’. Two research questions were raised to guide the study. The study made use of a descriptive research design. The population of the study comprised 4,800 students from 10 public secondary schools in the area. A sample of 6 secondary schools comprising 480 students was selected as participants using both stratified and simple random sampling techniques. While the questionnaire instrument titled: Economics Students Perception of the Influence of Social Development Strategies on Academic Performance in Secondary Schools (ESPISDSAPSS) was used to obtain information. Face and content validity of the instrument was done by three experts. Two from the Department of Social Science Education, and one from the department of Measurement and Evaluation respectively, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. A Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient of 0.84 was established. Data collected were analyzed using mean and rank order statistics. Findings from the study revealed that there are viable social development strategies designed to accelerate academic improvement in educational institutions, and their consistent implementation influence students’ academic performance along with quality and productive educational outcome. Furthermore, the perceived influence of social development strategies on academic performance of Economics students’ was very high. Accordingly, the researchers recommended that the educational administrators including the instructors, charitable organizations, agencies and all educational stakeholders should make joint efforts to ensure effective implementation of the social development strategies. Similarly, budgetary provisions necessary for social development strategies and activities should be increased in a bid to improve students’ academic performance vis-à-vis the achievement of educational goals.

Eruvbedede, F. E.; Ochiaja, N. O.; Anisiudo M. N.; Asiuwhu O. G. and Ejikeme, E. L (2023)

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