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This paper assessed the psychometric properties of the WASSCE Economics graph related multiple-choice questions. The area of the study was Enugu education zone of Enugu State. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 150 out of 851Senior Secondary (SSIII) students in the three local government areas (Isi-uzo, Enugu -east and Enugu- south) that make up the zone that offers Economics. The instrument for data collection was a 50 item WAEC Economics Graph Related Multiple -Choice Questions (WEGRMCQ). The objective questions were randomly selected from WAEC past questions in the last years of 2012-2017. The instrument did not go through validation and reliability tests as WASC examinations are standardized and must have gone through those processes. The Economics teachers in the respective sampled schools helped in the administration of the questions to the sampled students. The scored scripts of the students were exposed to item analysis to determine the difficulty, discrimination and distracter indices of those items. The result showed among others that a greater percentage of the entire students assessed recorded high difficulty indices as well as fair item discrimination. Based on the results, it was recommended that workshops should be organized for Economics teachers on how to improve the teaching of graph aspects of Economics in secondary schools.

Maxwell E. O. (2019)

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