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Effect of Mind mapping instructional strategy on students’ Academic Achievement in’ Economics was conducted in Abia State. Precisely non-randomized pretest-posttest control group design was adopted. Sixty-six SS II students which comprise male and female drawn from two schools were involved. A research question and a null
hypothesis guided the experiment which was answered and tested with mean and standard deviation and Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) at .05 level of significance respectively. Economics Achievement Test (EAT) was used for data collection and subjected to content validation with the use of test blueprint while Kuder-Richardson (K-R20) was for reliability with a coefficient of 0.85. The findings include that Economics students exposed to mind mapping instructional strategy had higher mean achievement scores compared those exposed to conventional instructional strategy. The findings revealed further that the academic achievement of Economics students taught with Mind mapping significantly outperformed those taught with the conventional method. Hence, it was suggested that Educational stakeholders ought to make appropriate plans to expose senior secondary school Economics teachers to seminars, and workshops where they will be trained on how to use Mind mapping instructional strategy in teaching Economics so as to update their techniques for improved teaching and learning of difficult concepts in Economics.

Oleabhiele, E. O. & Chukwu, L. R. (2019)

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