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Entrepreneurial skills are one of the keystones of any successful business which can be acquired through education. Education ignites the acquisition of knowledge, acquisitions, strategies, and power for the growth and development of a nation. Knowledge and ability got from entrepreneurship training are very vital to the performance of small and medium enterprises. Previous studies revealed that lacks of entrepreneurial skills are problems facing the growth of SMEs enterprises. Thus, this study investigated entrepreneurship education and performance of SMEs enterprises in Enugu State using data from the structured questionnaire designed by the researcher. The population of this study is 1,064,893 SMEs. 150 SMEs were chosen through purposive sampling technique. The reason for using purposive sampling was to ensure that the registered SMEs were chosen for the study. Mean and standard deviation were the statistical data used to answer the research questions. The finding showed that entrepreneurship education skills have a positive impact on the success of small and medium business ventures in Enugu State. One policy implication of this study is that owners of the small and medium business venture should be supported with seminars and workshops for the continuity of acquisition of newer entrepreneurial skills. This will significantly improve the performance of SMEs in Enugu State.

Ejimonye, J. C. (2019)

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