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The study examined the influence of preschool and students’ attitude on academic achievement of Economics education students of University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The design of the study is Ex-post facto research. A total population of One hundred and fifteen (115) undergraduate students which comprised of forty-one (41) first-year
students, twenty (20) 200level students, twenty (20) 300level students and thirty-four (34) final year students of Economic Education student of University of Nigeria for 2017/2018. A researcher-developed questionnaire titled: Influence of Preschool and Students Attitude Scale (IPSA) and Students CGPA from the first year to fourth (final) year were the two instruments used for the study. Two research questions were answered using descriptive statistics and hypothesis tested at 0.5 level of significance using the t-test. The results show that preschool had no influence on the academic achievement of students in Economics whereas student’s attitude had a significant effect on their academic achievement. Based on the finding’s recommendations were made.

Onuoha, J. C.;  Idika, E. .O & Okoye, O. W. (2019)

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