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This paper was on resource inputs as a correlate of effective implementation of the Economics curriculum. The paper employed Economics 452 Economics teachers as respondents for the study. A correlational study was used. Two instruments were used for data collection; Resource Inputs Questionnaire for Effective Implementation of Economics Curriculum (RIQIEC)” and Effective Implementation of Economics Curriculum Questionnaire (EIECQ. Face validation by three research specialists was carried out on the instrument. The internal consistencies of the instruments were .77 and .81 respectively. These were obtained using the Cronbach Alpha. The Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient (PPMC) was used in answering the research questions (r) while the hypotheses were tested using P-value at .05 alpha level. The paper showed a high positive correlation between teachers’ qualification and effective implementation of the Economics Curriculum. Also, the correlation between instructional materials and effective implementation was positive and moderate. From the findings, some recommendations were made that education stakeholders need to put in place policies that will ensure that qualified teachers are recruited to effectively implement the Economics curriculum. These they can achieve by ensuring that the best teachers are recruited in the system among others

Oleabhiele, E. O. & Omorogiuwa R. (2019)

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