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The study investigated financial literacy awareness of Economics Education undergraduate students in tertiary institution. The study adopted a descriptive survey
research design. The population of the study is 720 consisting of first year to final years and a sample of 249 students was used. Two instruments were used for data collection namely: a researcher developed questionnaire and a financial literacy test. The research instruments were validated by three experts in Department of Social Science Education. all from Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka The reliability index for the financial literacy test (FLT) was ascertained using KR20 and the Coefficient of 0.83 was gotten. The reliability for financial literacy questionnaire was ascertained using Cronbach Alpha and the overall reliability coefficient of 0.73 was obtained. The data collected was analyzed using mean and standard deviations to answer the research questions. The findings of the study show amongst others that students in tertiary institutions awareness level of financial literacy is low. It was recommended among others that courses on financial literacy should be incorporated into the compulsory courses and also workshops and seminars should be organized on financial literacy all geared at creating and as well increasing the financial literacy level of the students.

Idika, E. O. & Udoye, I. O. (2022)

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