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This study examined the impact of government budgetary allocation on the quality of education in public secondary schools in Bade Local Government area of Yobe state, Nigeria. The research design adopted for the study was cross-sectional survey design. The population of the study consisted of 388 teachers drawn from public secondary schools in the study area. The sample of the study comprised of 202 teachers. To guide the study, one research objective and one research question were formulated. Impact of Government Budgetary Allocation Questionnaire (IOGBAQ) was designed by the researchers and was validated by experts and administered as instrument for data collection. The instrument had a reliability coefficient of 0.87 using the Cronbach alpha reliability test which implies that the instrument was 87 percent reliable. The data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. The finding of the study revealed that budgetary allocations affect the quality of education in public secondary schools. This Implies that the higher the funding, the higher the quality of education. Based on this finding, it was recommended among others that Government should increase its budgetary allocation to secondary schools, because an increase in funding will lead to an increase in the quality of education in secondary schools.

Azi, A. S. & Burah, B. (2022)

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