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The study examined the perception of secondary school Economics students on the use of e-learning facilities (ELF) during the covid-19 pandemic era in Nsukka Education zone of Enugu State, Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. A purposive sample and stratified sampling technique were used to select 320 out of a population of 2,068 senior secondary students from the 149 public secondary schools in the area. The instrument for data collection in the study is titled “Perception of Elearning Questionnaire (PEQ), was appropriately validated and trial-tested. The reliability of the instrument was subjected to Cronbach Alpha testing which yielded an internal consistent coefficient of 0.91. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data obtained in this study. The study showed that few e-learning facilities (ELF) were used during the COVID -19 era, and the challenges that were against the appropriate and effective utilization of e-learning facilities include inadequate finance, poor access to the network, epileptic power supply, insufficient data, inadequate knowledge of the use of e-learning facilities and high tariff charges by network providers among others. It was recommended among others for teachers to make good use of ELF for effective teaching and learning to meet up with a technology-based world. Furthermore, it was recommended that network providers should improve their (network) accessibilities to customers for efficient and effective Economics content delivery. The study also recommended the need to employ and use only professionally trained and certified teachers with good knowledge and use of e-learning facilities.

Nji,I. A.; Ochiaja, N. O.; Onuoha, J. C.; Obiorah, J. N. & Ugwu, F. C. (2022)

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