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  DRENKAT Nandi Kennedy.

Social Science Education Department University of Jos.



AJI Saleh Suleiman.

Social Science Education Department

University of Jos.


 Dajan Henry James.

Social Science Education Department

University of Nigeria Nsukka.



The study x-rayed the importance of internet vis-à-vis the need to have a web address as a yardstick for individual and corporate development. Websites are locations consisting of web pages on world-wide-web (www) and are part of the services provided by the internet today. computers, phones and other Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) now have access to this service even on the move, it has equally become more necessary to build personal websites where our resume and other family information could be shared both for local and international consumption whether it pertains to jobs, appointments, social or even medical information which could be looked up in case of accident. Although the cost of building websites have been on the high side considering the time to learn some of the essential variables, hosting and other associated implementations, suffice it to say that it is worthwhile. It takes a huge amount of financial resources to reach out to many people out there in the world who cannot afford the cost of buying electronics gadgets like television, radio or print but millions of individuals can be reached through the web. This paper shows how to package a simple website that will serve a fundamental purpose without much difficulty.

 Keywords: Internet, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Website Electronic gadgets and World-Wide-Web (WWW)