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It is widely said that no nation will rise above the level of her education. This implies that the development of any nation is dependent on the quality of education she gives out to her citizenry. This type of education is one which is geared towards manpower development and attainable through human capital education. Since the independence of Nigeria in 1960 there are various development programs designed to make the country a land flowing with milk and honey just like other nations of the world. But it is as if the dream of making the country great is a mirage as most of the plans died on arrival. For Nigeria to be among the twenty most developed economies in the year 2025 in the world and to sustain this development till 2030, there is a need for her to increase her expenditure in education which is geared towards providing the desirable manpower needed for economic growth and development. This paper x-rayed the concept of human capital, education and manpower development and the various ways of improving the nation’s manpower development which included expansion of educational and training facilities and recommended among others that government at all levels should matter of urgency pay attention to manpower development which is attainable through human capital education.

Robert, A. I. & Otolokpo, C. (2023)

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