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Language permeates all spares of human activities thereby facilitating growth and National development. English as the official language in Nigeria is used in all areas of her National life. The economic growth of individuals and development of the nation, therefore, depend on the level of mastery of English Language in which the nation functions both locality and internationally. Since it is the language in which all economic activities of the nation are carried out locally and outside the shores of the country. The paper opens with a discussion of the concept of language and the importance of English Language in Nigeria, after which, English language and National development is discussed. Teaching functional English for Economic development is highlighted, and this is based on adopting appropriate instruction for young English language learners (YELLs), teaching English for specific purposes and achieving communicative competence. The paper ends with a conclusion and recommendations. It is recommended that in addition to the existing methods and approaches in Language teaching and learning, there is the need for adopting the appropriate instruction for young English Language Learners (YELLS) as well as teaching English for specific purposes (ESP).

Keywords: Language, English, Functional English, Economic Growth, Development.

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