Membership in IAFEE is open to individuals who have specifically-designated professional responsibilities and qualifications in the field of Economics Education or a strong interest in furthering Economic Education at all levels. Many members are affiliated with any professional body or other organization closely aligned to the philosophy and mission of the Association will be given an opportunity to become a member of this association. Teachers of Economics at all levels are also welcome.


  • IAFEE organizes workshops, training and seminars to help shape the future of member researchers and their respective fields of careers.
  • Professional and human capacity Development
  • Access to latest Economics Education materials and methods to better serve teachers
  • IAFEE Professional Development Annual Conferences
  • Curriculum development for teachers of Economics
  • Create a strong Network of Members of the same ideology
  • Community of educators dedicated to economic education
  • Mini-grant program for professional development
  • IAFEE annual awards to recognize leaders in the field
  • Research Community
  • Research on outcomes of Economic Education to improve teacher education and student learning and lots more…

IAFEE publishes several scholarly peer-reviewed research journals enabling low-cost publication solutions while projecting an image of quality research. IAFEE journals are publicized through indexing in renowned databases.

Reduction in conference fees and publication processing fees